Boston DevOps Network, Inc, promotes the following values:

Continuous learning and growth

In areas spanning the technical to the organizational to the interpersonal, we promote continuous learning, improvement, and growth. Accountability and reflection are crucial activities that embody living this value. We learn from each other and together.

Inclusive community

We value everyone’s contributions, especially those often pushed out of technology spaces or marginalized by society. Including diverse perspectives broadens the capabilities of communities; beyond that, it’s simply the right thing to do.

Technological excellence

We focus on developing a groundwork of applicable skills for those in our community, not beholden to any specific tools or technologies. These skills lead devops practitioners to individual and organizational success.

Effective communication

Whether verbal, written, or in code, effective communication is essential to creating a cohesive community with a common mission. We strive to be clear and concise in our communication.

Good-humored grit

Technology work, like community-building work, takes a lot of elbow grease and good humor. We lift up and encourage each other, always assume best intentions, and have fun!


Wherever we can and whenever we need, we will make our information public, and expect the same from our partners. This visibility helps create the more inclusive community we envision.

The above values guide our work, partnerships, and commitments.